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Each year, hundreds of U.S. suppliers participate in Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast’s programs.  As a result, companies are successful at generating new export sales, establishing new distributorships, expanding their production facilities, and hiring additional employees.  Read these success stories to learn more.

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Chicago Company Finds Export Success in Central and South America

by Food Export | Feb 27, 2020
In 2019, the EquiTrade Group, an export management company located in Chicago, Illinois, utilized Agricultural Trade Promotion (ATP) funding through Food Export – Midwest’s Branded Program to gain exports to Mexico, Central and South America.

As a result of 2019 activities utilizing this funding, the EquiTrade Group had export sales over $2.5 million, with a projected total of $3,000,000 in overseas sales for 2020.

The EquiTrade Group turned to Food Export – Midwest’s Branded Program in 2000 and has made continual use of its services since then. Like many other U.S. companies producing or representing products consisting of at least 50% U.S.A-grown agricultural components, the EquiTrade Group relies on Food Export – Midwest’s export assistance programs, and excellent customer service. In 2019, the EquiTrade Group staff described Food Export – Midwest’s customer service as “extremely great and responsive [because they] always let me know in detail what we need in order to successfully execute the program.”

The EquiTrade Group is a full-service Export Management Company, introducing, selling, and managing U.S. brands and products in Latin American markets. Since their founding in 1991, EquiTrade has built and managed U.S. food brands, implemented marketing strategies and ensures regulatory and legislative compliance in the foreign markets.

Food Export uses funding from the Market Access Program (MAP) to help America’s small businesses to increase their exports of food and agricultural products. As exports increase, these small businesses are creating jobs and improving the strength and stability of our agricultural economy, here in Illinois and across the United States. Food Export-Midwest and Food Export-Northeast are non-profit organizations which work in close collaboration with their member state departments of agriculture and the USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service. They offer a wide range of programs and services aimed at boosting America’s agricultural exports, launching and promoting U.S. brands, and building strong market share in foreign countries for U.S. exporters.

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